Can You Pass Drug Test By Exercising?

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When user smokes marijuana, THC is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream and hence distributed throughout the whole body. Within 30 seconds it reaches the brain, the cardiovascular and psychological effects occur in 5 to 10 minutes. THC has very high lipid solubility level, so easily stored in fatty tissues from where it gets slowly released during long time. Its half-life in the human body is from 30 hours to 7 days depending on personal metabolism and amount of smoked pot. But special measures can significantly speed up the process.

Do exercises help to get rid of THC?

After absorption THC converts into metabolites that stored in fatty tissues, slowly break down and released from the body with feces, urine and sweat. This implies that smokers need to short but heavy exercises as well as regular moderate workouts to detox from marijuana, because when you exercise, you are cutting down the amount of fats in your body which in turn lowers the THC levels.

running helps remove THC from the body

Also, as you go through these regimens, you need to drink plenty of water and urinate frequently, because urine is an excellent way to get rid of THC. However, you need to exercise and drink water moderately, to avoid exhaustion from hard workouts and overhydration from excessive water intake.

Which ones are the most effective?

Regular exercises are the best paths to take if you want to have a healthy life. They not only help to detox from marijuana, but also enable you to feel much more energized as it makes all your body parts to work in unison. While all physical activities are incredible, short and intense workouts coupled with moderate exercises are very effective for getting rid of THC traces. The most recommended ones are: jogging, swimming, rebounding, bicycling, weight lifting etc. Even yoga and pilates are helpful.

Can exercises be used to pass drug tests?

Inasmuch as exercises burn fat and release cannabinoids into the bloodstream and urinary tract, THC level in blood and urine even increases right after exercising. Professor Iain S. McGregor from the School of Psychology of University of Sydney and his research group carried out a study on 14 volunteers, who were regular marijuana smokers. After refraining from smoking for at least 24 hours, each strenuously rode a stationary bicycle for 35 minutes. Two hours after the exercise, their blood was tested and results showed a statistically significant increase of THC levels.

This means that physical activity is useless for drug test, and moreover, it can even increase chances to test positive. You should use exercises only for body detox in case you want quit smoking or just improve your health and overall wellness. If you want to pass drug test, there are other proven methods available, like using synthetic urine or system cleansing with detox drinks.


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