Passing A Saliva Drug Test With Detox Mouthwash

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Following the legalization of Marijuana in most states across the United States, there has been a need to stay aware on how you can pass a saliva drug test to avoid being caught in an off-guard position. In most cases, employers randomly decide to conduct drug tests to their employees to check whether they’re complying with the company’s rules and regulations.

Can You Pass Drug Test By Exercising?

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When user smokes marijuana, THC is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream and hence distributed throughout the whole body. Within 30 seconds it reaches the brain, the cardiovascular and psychological effects occur in 5 to 10 minutes. THC has very high lipid solubility level, so easily stored in fatty tissues from where it gets slowly released during long time. Its half-life in the human body is from 30 hours to 7 days depending on personal metabolism and amount of smoked pot. But special measures can significantly speed up the process.

Do exercises help to get rid of THC?

After absorption THC converts into metabolites that stored in fatty tissues, slowly break down and released from the body with feces, urine and sweat. This implies that smokers need to short but heavy exercises as well as regular moderate workouts to detox from marijuana, because when you exercise, you are cutting down the amount of fats in your body which in turn lowers the THC levels.

running helps remove THC from the body

Also, as you go through these regimens, you need to drink plenty of water and urinate frequently, because urine is an excellent way to get rid of THC. However, you need to exercise and drink water moderately, to avoid exhaustion from hard workouts and overhydration from excessive water intake.

Which ones are the most effective?

Regular exercises are the best paths to take if you want to have a healthy life. They not only help to detox from marijuana, but also enable you to feel much more energized as it makes all your body parts to work in unison. While all physical activities are incredible, short and intense workouts coupled with moderate exercises are very effective for getting rid of THC traces. The most recommended ones are: jogging, swimming, rebounding, bicycling, weight lifting etc. Even yoga and pilates are helpful.

Can exercises be used to pass drug tests?

Inasmuch as exercises burn fat and release cannabinoids into the bloodstream and urinary tract, THC level in blood and urine even increases right after exercising. Professor Iain S. McGregor from the School of Psychology of University of Sydney and his research group carried out a study on 14 volunteers, who were regular marijuana smokers. After refraining from smoking for at least 24 hours, each strenuously rode a stationary bicycle for 35 minutes. Two hours after the exercise, their blood was tested and results showed a statistically significant increase of THC levels.

This means that physical activity is useless for drug test, and moreover, it can even increase chances to test positive. You should use exercises only for body detox in case you want quit smoking or just improve your health and overall wellness. If you want to pass drug test, there are other proven methods available, like using synthetic urine or system cleansing with detox drinks.

What Is Initial Screen And Confirmation Test?

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Urine drug test usually consists of two steps: first is the initial screen and second is the confirmation test. After urine sample is collected, it is split into 2 parts. First part is used for initial screening, which searches the signs of few (usually from 5 to 10) certain drugs using immunoassay test method. Mostly it is EMIT (Enzyme Multiplied Immunoassay Test), but in rare cases it could be ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) or CEDIA (cloned enzyme donor immunoassay). Immunoassay tests are simple, cheap and fast, but not reliable, so confirmation test on second part of sample is required in case of positive initial screen. The confirmation test uses GC/MS (Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry) technique, which is expensive and complicated, but reliable. It is performed to confirm the presence of only one specific drug, which was detected by initial screen.


Enzyme Multiplied Immunoassay Technique, which had been developed in 1973 for quantitative and qualitative analysis of drugs and proteins in urine, was the first commercially used homogeneous immunoassay. As well as every immunoassay, EMIT utilizes specific antibodies that are designed to bind the required molecules in the sample without affecting other substances. Its main advantage over other methods is use of enzymes that bind antibodies, which did not bind to tested drug molecules, and are deactivated after this, what lets easily separate required substance from others. It is widely used not only for initial screen for drugs of abuse in urine, but for therapeutic drug monitoring in serum also. Nowadays EMIT can detect almost every illicit drug, including cannabinoids (marijuana), opiates (morphine, heroin), cocaine, amphetamines, phencyclidine, barbiturates, methadone, benzodiazepine and others. The concentration of substance must be above the specified cutoff level to be detected by EMIT assay. The cutoffs are set by authorities and can be different for every country. For example, in United States they are set by Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) at the levels of 50 ng/ml for THC (marijuana metabolite), 150 ng/ml for cocaine, 2000 ng/ml for opiates etc.


Gas Chromatography - Mass Spectrometry is more complicated technology created in 1952 to detect particular substance in a given test sample. This method has a lot of applications except drug testing. Mainly it is used in forensic science: for fire investigations, identification of explosives and unknown samples from crime scene or human body, to search for poisons or drugs in biological samples of victims or suspects etc. GC/MS is also applicable for environmental monitoring, anti-doping tests, medical diagnosis, perfume, food and beverage analysis and even in astrochemistry for analysis of air and soil samples from other planets. The effect of this technology is based on the combination of two sophisticated techniques - gas chromatography, which separates and analyzes compounds without decomposition, and mass spectrometry, which identifies the type and amount of chemicals in the sample. The combination of these two methods provides a synergistic effect, enabling to identify unknown substances much more effective than in the case of their separate use.

gas chromatography - mass spectrometry equipment

Does Drinking Water Help Pass A Drug Test?

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Water is very important substance for detoxification process, as it helps to eliminate toxins through excretion in the urine. That is why one of the most commonly recommended methods to pass drug test is by drinking plenty of water. Increasing your water intake increases the frequency of urination and thus hastens the detoxification process of the body, what helps to decrease significantly the level of drug metabolites in the urine and produce clean sample for drug test. It makes sense only for urine test, as drinking water will not help to cleanse hair, saliva or other samples for other types of drug tests.

Why this method is not reliable?

But this strategy cannot guarantee success. It may work for some people, especially for those who are occasional or infrequent drug users, but for chronic or heavy users, this may not be as effective and reliable, because the concentration of drugs in their system is so high, that they may need weeks to decrease it enough to pass the test.

In addition, drinking excessive amounts of water is dangerous for health as overhydration may lead to severe medical conditions such as congestive heart failure, kidney problems and liver disease. Due to excessive urination, the body may lose significant amount of electrolytes causing electrolyte imbalance. This may cause some serious neurologic deficits like confusion, hallucinations, delusions, decreased level of consciousness and in extreme cases it may be even fatal.

drinking water to pass drug test

Another problem is that drinking lots of water makes urine look diluted and pale, what arouses the suspicion of fraud attempt. Sometimes, just by the look of the urine, competent lab staff can say whether it’s a good or bad sample. As soon as the laboratory receives the suspicious urine, they run a series of tests on it to ensure validity of the sample. Some of the parameters that can be checked are the specific gravity, pH and creatinine levels. Diluted urine will not pass the integrity check, so will be discarded and drug test will be failed. To solve this problem, it is usually suggested that aside from water therapy, you should also take B vitamins to give yellow color to the urine as well as creatine supplements to produce enough creatinine levels in the sample.

The solution

To free yourself from such hassle of drinking big amounts of water plus vitamin supplementation, there is another option available which is the use of pre-mixed detox drinks. They help to speed up and intensify the detoxification process, while saving natural look and composition of your urine. Detox drinks work pretty much in the same manner as the water therapy; however they contain a lot more aside from water including vitamins, minerals, diuretics, creatine, dietary fibers and herbal cleansers. In effect, they serve the function of detoxifying the body from all unwanted toxins, including drugs and their metabolites, and at the same time provide the urine sample with all necessary components to pass the standard adulteration tests.

The Most Common Drug Tests And Methods To Pass Them

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Drug test is done to determine the presence of drugs or its metabolites through analysis of a specimen taken from the subject being tested such as hair, sweat, saliva, blood or urine. It is usually conducted in workplaces, schools and hospitals for detection and prevention of drug abuse and also in crime investigations. Urine test is the most common type of drug test because it is cost-effective, non-invasive and can screen a wide range of illicit drugs. Other non-invasive screening methods for drug use are the saliva, sweat and hair tests. Blood test, on the other hand, involves invasive procedures.

passing common drug tests

Urine Test

Urinalysis, considered as the gold standard of drug testing, is done by collecting urine sample into special testing cups. Usually, person is required to collect about 30-60 ml of urine. The sample is then subjected to some biochemical tests to check for presence of certain illicit substances. Negative results may not always mean that a person is free from drug abuse since there are many possible ways to adulterate urine test results. One of them is sample substitution, may it be by using synthetic urine in liquid or powdered form mixed with water or urine taken from another donor. Warmers may be one of the tricks to keep the urine substitute at the correct temperature. Another method is detoxification from the drugs done days or even hours prior to passing the test. It may take days or weeks in some detox methods such as exercises, herbal teas and supplements, diuretics and drinking water, as well as high fiber and antioxidant diet, but for premixed detox drinks and supplements it may only take few hours to cleanse the body from drugs.

Saliva Test

Saliva drug test as compared to urinalysis is much easier to perform and has lesser possibilities of result manipulation since samples are taken onsite. Saliva is collected by placing a special mouth swab between the lower gum and cheek for 2 minutes just enough to soak it with oral fluid. The swab is then transferred to a container to be analyzed for presence of drug or its metabolites. Detox mouthwashes are often used to pass saliva drug test. They contain herbals and chemicals like hazel, aloe vera, peppermint, magnesium sulfate and potassium chloride that cleanse the saliva from traces of unwanted substances.

Hair Test

Hair drug test is known for its 90-day detection period, what makes it possible to show the history of drug use. The sample collector takes approximately 100 milligrams or 90 to 100 strands of hair and sends them to the laboratory for analysis. Body hair can also be used in case person does not have enough hair on the head. Hair test is not easy to pass in case you used drugs and want to keep this information private, but it is still possible. Detox shampoos can be used to wash away drug traces from the hair follicles as well as toxins from the scalp. Results of this test may not be reliable because presence of contaminants in the hair can sometimes give false-positive results.