Does Drinking Water Help Pass A Drug Test?

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Water is very important substance for detoxification process, as it helps to eliminate toxins through excretion in the urine. That is why one of the most commonly recommended methods to pass drug test is by drinking plenty of water. Increasing your water intake increases the frequency of urination and thus hastens the detoxification process of the body, what helps to decrease significantly the level of drug metabolites in the urine and produce clean sample for drug test. It makes sense only for urine test, as drinking water will not help to cleanse hair, saliva or other samples for other types of drug tests.

Why this method is not reliable?

But this strategy cannot guarantee success. It may work for some people, especially for those who are occasional or infrequent drug users, but for chronic or heavy users, this may not be as effective and reliable, because the concentration of drugs in their system is so high, that they may need weeks to decrease it enough to pass the test.

In addition, drinking excessive amounts of water is dangerous for health as overhydration may lead to severe medical conditions such as congestive heart failure, kidney problems and liver disease. Due to excessive urination, the body may lose significant amount of electrolytes causing electrolyte imbalance. This may cause some serious neurologic deficits like confusion, hallucinations, delusions, decreased level of consciousness and in extreme cases it may be even fatal.

drinking water to pass drug test

Another problem is that drinking lots of water makes urine look diluted and pale, what arouses the suspicion of fraud attempt. Sometimes, just by the look of the urine, competent lab staff can say whether it’s a good or bad sample. As soon as the laboratory receives the suspicious urine, they run a series of tests on it to ensure validity of the sample. Some of the parameters that can be checked are the specific gravity, pH and creatinine levels. Diluted urine will not pass the integrity check, so will be discarded and drug test will be failed. To solve this problem, it is usually suggested that aside from water therapy, you should also take B vitamins to give yellow color to the urine as well as creatine supplements to produce enough creatinine levels in the sample.

The solution

To free yourself from such hassle of drinking big amounts of water plus vitamin supplementation, there is another option available which is the use of pre-mixed detox drinks. They help to speed up and intensify the detoxification process, while saving natural look and composition of your urine. Detox drinks work pretty much in the same manner as the water therapy; however they contain a lot more aside from water including vitamins, minerals, diuretics, creatine, dietary fibers and herbal cleansers. In effect, they serve the function of detoxifying the body from all unwanted toxins, including drugs and their metabolites, and at the same time provide the urine sample with all necessary components to pass the standard adulteration tests.

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